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Other Services Offered

More Than Just Wedding Cakes

Dessert Tables and Sweet Treats

Sometimes a beautiful cake isn't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are looking to offer a little more variety to your guests then consider adding other desserts and sweet treats. We offer a variety of sweets to dress any dessert table that is sure to impress your guests along with design and set-up. Sweets and table décor are tailored to the client's theme and color scheme. Desserts range from cakesicles, cake pops, dessert shooters, chocolate dipped strawberries, French macarons, and much more. Please submit an inquiry for more information and pricing.

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Groom's & Celebration Cakes

What is a wedding that does not consider the groom? Groom's cakes are custom and are designed to capture the personality of your mate. Design can be simple as a tuxedo cake or as over-the-top as a wine barrel cake. 

On occasion time permits the acceptance of custom celebration cakes. Please submit your inquiries as soon as possible as the calendar does fill up quickly.

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Faux Cakes

When you want a cake of grandeur but do not require all the cake servings that comes with it, then you may want to consider a faux cake. Faux cakes are great alternatives when you are just wanting a showpiece. Faux cakes are accompanied by sheet cakes to cut and serve your guests as well as a small real layer cake for optics during the cake cutting.

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